Josh Clark & Chuck BryantStuff You Should Know, is a popular podcast from  SYSK has recorded over 400 episodes since 2008. New shows are released every Tuesday and Thursday and cover a wide range of topics making sure you always have something new to talk about.

SYSK delivers information about a wide variety of topics.  Some of my favorites are  The Muppets, How Twinkies Work, Quantum Physics and How Family Crests Work. SYSK is easy to understand and fun to listen to thanks to hosts Josh Clark and  Charles “Chuck” W. Bryant.  And thanks to Josh and Chuck, I’ve won many a dinnertime bet with my family and find it easy to divert my teachers off topic.

Josh and Chuck make the show interesting, discussing the topic of the week, sharing research and drawing from personal experiences to give listeners new knowledge. They may go off topic sometimes but that is what makes the show fun and interesting to listen to.

I had a chance to watch Josh and Chuck live at SXSW 2012.  They recorded their podcast in front of a live audience and the topic was the history of Comic Books.  I was expecting a production, lots of notes and pauses while they recorded but that not what I saw.  I saw two guys deliver the podcast you hear every week, relaxed, casual and without notes…well, Chuck did have a piece of paper.  I  was impressed and entertained.  And learned about Archie Comics.

The next night at SXSW, Chuck and Josh announced that they would show the premiere of the television pilot show they shot for The Science Channel.  (I also learned that their friend John Hodgman is also their manager, and I feel I understand them a little better.)
Check out these episodes of Stuff You Should Know:
How Moon Bases Work
What makes a serial killer ?
Is science phasing out sleep ?
How hard it is to steal art ?
And if you have any ideas on new topics Josh and Chuck should cover, let me know in your comments.  Who knows? Maybe they will do a show on your topic!
You can find these and more on Itunes  and be sure to go to the website that started it all
And follow them on Twitter:  @SYSKPodcast
  1. D. Moore says:

    Cool article. These guys are great. I try to follow all of their podcasts.

  2. moonlight39 says:

    Great article and photo!

  3. Land of Hope and Dreams says:

    These guys are cool. Twinkies…really? I had no idea. Now I know why they call their show “Stuff you should know”. I think they should do an episode on the history of clapping…why we do it, where it all started. When you think about it, its pretty weird.

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