Posted: July 3, 2012 in Did you know?, Game, Interactive, Interesting, Movies, Tech Data, Technology

RTX is an event hosted by Roosterteeth.com, where gaming and internet culture and humor converge.The event all about checking out new games and seeing how to create interesting online content. RTX was created for the over a million-strong community behind video creators Rooster Teeth famous for their ongoing series Red vs. Blue. The event has now grown to combine  game companies, gamers, and even some other content producers.

This year Roosterteeth has managed to get a bunch of new people from the game industry, such as Robot Entertainment, and  Twisted Pixel. They also got 343 Industries and bring with them their new game game, Halo 4 which people will be able to demo. There will also be some of YouTubers and other internet celebrities attending the event. Just a few of them from the web, include SeaNanners, Fwiz, Hannah Hart, iJustine, Mega64, and that’s just to name a few!
So if you are in the Austin area go check out RTX !

  1. teegardin says:


    On Sunday morning you can be an extra on the set of an RTX movie.

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