U.N. me

Posted: June 13, 2012 in Did you know?, Education, Interactive, Movies, Uncategorized

The United Nations was founded more than sixty years and was the embodiment of humanity’s hope for a safer, more peaceful future after the second world war. With the rising number human rights violations and rising powers attempting to gain nuclear weapons, how is the U.N. attempting to stop the violence and the threat of Nuclear war ? The movie UN and me attempts to give you those answers and more by showing the dark side of the United Nations and the bureaucracy it thrives on. The movie shows that the principles the United Nations were founded on have been forgotten in exchange for hypocrisy, cowardice, ineffectiveness, lack of consequences for violence , and a general lack of credibility. The movie shows this through  a list of horrors including :U.N. inaction during the Rwandan genocide; evidence of Eastern European peacekeepers’ engaging in sex trafficking; failures of nuclear inspections; inability to do anything about terrorism, let alone settle on a definition of the word. It also shows how human right violators have  avoided punishment by being on the council for human rights.  If you want to learn more on the failings of the U.N. go check out the movie here:



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