Posted: May 12, 2012 in Gaming



1 October, 1979: Unidentified forces of presumed extraterrestrial origin arrive in Earth orbit. Panic spreads globally when attempts at communication fail and initial attempts to repel the invaders as they scout the upper atmosphere are met with heavy losses and little success. The only successful interception occurs over the Baltic sea, conducted by modified interceptors that appear at least partially resistant to the extraterrestrial weaponry. A clandestine organization known only as the ‘Xenonauts’ establishes communication with the major world powers and claims responsibility, demanding both funding and authority to operate within their territory and airspace in exchange for protection.

For humanity, a glimmer of hope remains – if they can withstand the attacks long enough unravel the secrets of the alien aggressors, the Xenonauts may find yet a way to defeat the alien invasion. Should they fail, millions of years of human history will be brought to a close in mere months…

That is the intro for the new indie single-player PC strategy game. Inspired by Xcom Goldhawk interactive hopes to create an the experience of fighting of an alien invasion. The gameplay is in three parts Strategic, Air combat, and ground combat. You start off the game with one base and a few solders, but as you progress and capture more alien technology and get more funding you get several more bases and super advanced weapons and jets to fight off the alien menace.
This is one of the best designed strategy games that I have seen in along time and it has a great concept. Goldhawk is now running a kickstarter to finish the game and make a brick and mortar studio, so if you want to help stop the alien menace head to http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/69341191/xenonauts and give today.


  1. D. Moore says:

    Sounds really cool.

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