Indie game, The Movie, is a masterpiece ( . The movie follows the journeys of a group of several indie game developers as they create games and release those works, and themselves, to the entire world. This film shows how much labor and attachment go into making a game.

The film follows two very different groups of developers as they ride the highs and lows of game development. It follows the stories Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes (Team Meat), and Phil Fish and Renaud Bédard (Fez).  It follows Fish’s, Fez, wallowing in development for years, and Team Meat’s rush to finish Super Meat Boy to ensure that their game gets on the front page of Xbox live. Jonathan Blow, of Braid is featured throughout the film, and provides commentary and insight.

While we watch this unfold, we delve into the minds of these complicated people, seeing the way this job-turned-obsession completely dominates their lives, affecting their relationships, and even mental health as the increasingly disturbed developers start talking of failure and death.

Producers, James Swirksy and Lisanne Pajot were at SXSW to present the movie and answer questions.  It is just a fantastic movie that everyone needs to check out.

James Swirksy & Lisanne Pajot take questions after the SXSW preview of Indie Game, The Movie

Here’s a link to the official Movie Trailer!

For more information on the gamers websites, please visit:, and

The music in the movie was done by:  He was in the audience at SXSW & it was the first time the producers and Jim had met face-to-face.

  1. vintagethought says:

    I want to see the movie. It sounds great!

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