Marvel Announces Augmented Reality at SXSW

Posted: March 17, 2012 in Did you know?, Education, Interactive, Movies, Super Human, SXSW, Technology
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Marvel has always been a huge innovator in the entertainment industry. Marvel can always find something new and interesting, because of that it has made  itself a staple in American culture. Whether it is in movies, tv shows, and even digital comics Marvel is always on the forefront of entertainment. Their recent announcement at South by South West is perhaps one of the biggest in MARVEL history, the introduction of Augmented reality.

What is augmented reality you ask ? It is a live view of  physical, real-world environments in which it is augmented with input such as sound, video, graphics, all in real-time. AR sounds like a fantastic brand new invention right, well AR has been in use years in football with the yellow first down line. It is also being introduced in video games such as Tetris Axis and nintendogs. Soon we may all be wearing augmented reality glasses that let us customize the word around us.

Marvel truly revolutionizes the comic book industry with their new augmented reality technology. This amazing new tech shows behind the scenes looks at comics were made, showing the transition from pencil, to ink, to color on that certain page in the comic book. Walking in a comic shop and not sure you want to buy that new comic, just pull out your phone and a previews of the comic will play out upon the page. Marvel has a few other tricks including characters coming out of the comics and flying around ! To access all of this all you have to do is download a free app to your phone and  Iron Man will LITERALLY leap of the comic book pages!


  1. Scott says:

    I downloaded the marvel comic free app to try and see what you described above. Iron man did not come out of the page for me, I’m sure I must be doing something wrong. Or I’m not looking in the right place.There are more than one free app associated with Marvel maybe I need a different app. Or maybe I have to be, “Walking in a comic shop and not sure I want to buy that new comic”. Maybe being confused is the key. Hopefully you can offer guidance. Thanks

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