Who’s Watching ?

Posted: March 3, 2012 in Deep Thoughts, Gaming, SOPA
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With the world becoming more and more digital we lose more privacy. Who is watching us you ask? The CIA, the FBI, the Freemasons? Maybe.  The real answer is probably not you were expecting.  Companies.  Companies have the most to gain from our digital life.

Consumers are worth a lot of money. The more companies know about consumers, the more accurate the ads they deliver.  Want to sell the latest, coolest new sneaker? Deliver targeted ads to a likely buyer. The more targeted clicks on the ad the more potential to convert to a purchase. It’s simple economics.  Or is it?

Google has been the hot topic this week.  The new privacy policy change went into effect and people are concerned how google will use this information.You can see the updated policy here:  http://www.google.com/policies/privacy/.

Should you be concerned?  Some activists are concerned that this is a road to a 1984-esque future where all our moves on the internet could be censored and tracked.  Could this lead to people being punished whenever they have a unpopular opinion? Who knows?The concerns are valid.  Twitter is a good example, they have country specific censorship. That means in China you won’t be able to tweet anything against the government and many people worry that sort of censorship will start happening in the west.

Will you change your behavior knowing that the details of all your online actions are being tracked?




  1. Land of Hope and Dreams says:

    I’ve been reading about this. What do you think about this new world Sam T?

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