South By South West

Posted: January 22, 2012 in Education, Gamification, Interactive, Music, SXSW
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South By South West is a convention for Music, Film and  Interactive in Austin,Texas. The convention is huge with over 2,000 bands, 935 conference sessions, 300 films, and over 500 exhibit spaces. The conferences and speakers are extremely interesting and unique. The interactive events range from discussion on Hacking your Brain to Interrogation Techniques being used in job interviews. The Interactive Speakers and Panels will have great insight to how the world is changing and how we can adapt to it.

The films from SXSW are great and interesting new Indy movies that show great new rising talent in the film industry. The film categories go from comedies to thought provoking thrillers. SXSW has been a great stepping stone for film makers like James Gunn and Joe Cornish.

The music portion sets the stage to launch indy bands.

It’s a great way for new ideas to be spread and shared. Many famous bands and artists have made appearances at SXSW like Ancient Astronauts and the Ancestros

As SXSW approaches I will give links to interesting events, music, and films.

I am packing my bags in March and heading to SXSW for the first time. I’m looking forward to exploring the event, hearing new ideas and bands and writing about my experience.

Here are a few cool events:

  1. gdm369 says:

    Sounds like a cool event. Keep us posted. Do you really get to go?

  2. gdm369 says:

    What is your opinion on the effectiveness of multi-tasking versus focused awareness? Should you study while watching TV? Should drive and talk on a cell phone? Is human awareness limited or unlimited?

  3. moonlight39 says:

    Going to the SXSW? What a great deal!

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