The Stop Online Piracy Act. Why you should care.

Posted: January 13, 2012 in SOPA
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The Stop Online Piracy Act, at first glance seems like a good idea and beneficial. It appears to just help companies control their copyrighted material.  The Bill also helps  stop foreign businesses from stealing their products and selling them illegally.

That’s all fine,  it does not affect you, you’re not a pirate. The Bill seems like it is the perfect solution to stop Piracy and help American business save money and create new jobs, but this is just not the case.

The Bill appears to be an overreaction to the Piracy Problem. It would give private companies the power to censor . This means that any site that has any copyrighted material can be taken down and any search engine that links you to it will be fined. The bill will also give the government the power to shut down websites it feels is not doing a good enough job of preventing the illegal use of their content, effectively allowing companies to take down potential competition and undercutting job growth.

Supporting the Bill is just not smart. Many major companies have actually banded together to stop SOPA from being passed, such as Sony and Microsoft. Websites are also fighting back by threatening to go ‘nuclear’, by this they mean to go offline for twenty-four hours to protest SOPA. The websites include Google, Amazon, Youtube, and several others.

You may be wondering to yourself what can you do to help stop SOPA. Luckily there are many ways that you can do to help stop SOPA from being passed. You can sign the petition in the link bellow, you can write your Congressman, and boycott the products from the companies that support SOPA. If everyone joins together and does their part there is now way this Bill will be passed.

Information on SOPA:

How to stand up to SOPA

  1. gdm369 says:

    I agree. It looks like the site blackouts had the needed effect and congress has tabled the bill.

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