Posted: January 9, 2012 in Game
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Many parents, News sources, and Politicians are quick to judge gaming as a horrible sign of the degradation of civilization. They say this out of ignorance and a little fear. This media is new to most of them and they do not see the positives of gaming. All they see is you staring at a screen with  a blank expression on your face. What they don’t realize is that gaming can be a new way not only to entertain but also to teach.

Spent, this game makes a very important statement on life in an economic downturn. Spent is a game that takes you through the life of a recently laid of worker, and it is your job to survive the month on new low wages. You have three jobs to choose from and depending on which one you choose unique challenges emerge.

Do you drive all the way out for your grandmothers funeral?  Do you to take time off to go to your friend’s wedding? Do you let your brother rent out an extra room, even if he trashes the place?

This game makes you think and make hard decisions that millions of Americans have to make every day in order to survive. This is  a great example of how games can be a better example of sharing experiences and letting people understand others.  Spent lets you,  in small way, experience others lives like no other media can. The more people understand and learn from each other the better the world will become.


  1. gdm369 says:

    I haven’t read the book yet, but will give it a try.

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